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January 9, 2013 - 1:09 PM

Mayor Mike McGinn Announces Re-Election Campaign

Seattle-City of Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn announced today he will run for re-election as Seattle Mayor in 2013.

“We are going to focus every day on creating jobs and supporting public safety. We are working on a long-term plan to invest in early learning, expanding our rail transit system and building out high-speed broadband internet infrastructure for the future. This is how Seattle will compete with other cities now and in the future.”

The campaign co-chairs are Estela Ortega, Kip Tokuda, Tony Lee, Robby Stern and Kathleen Ridihalgh.

Here’s Mike McGinn’s accomplishments and plans for moving these priorities forward:


Education is number one.

* Mayor McGinn significantly expanded our Families and Education levy, which means deeper investments in early learning, more school based health centers, academic interventions for at risk youth, more out of school programs, and mentoring programs.

*Expanded the youth violence prevention initiative by 400 kids – the ones most at risk for falling into crime and violence.

* Partnered with other education leaders and our community college system to develop new job programs for those in the job market who need skills.

* Launched our successful attendance campaign encouraging kids to stay in school.

Our schools are doing better. Attendance is up, graduation rates are up, enrollment is up. The Seattle School District is opening schools, not closing them.

We have so much more to do to have our children receive the education we need, and to close the achievement gap. The most important time in a child’s development is his or her earliest years. We will be announcing more education initiatives this year.


* Launched our Safe Communities outreach, where police officers and community members meet to plan how to make our communities safer.

* Started our Community Police Commission – The Department of Justice praised the Community Police Commission as an innovative approach to building public trust in our police force. It will be a partnership between the Police Department, its officers, community members, and public officials. The broad role of Commission is to support the development of reforms, the establishment of police priorities, and mechanisms to promote community confidence in the Seattle Police Department.

* Launched our directed patrols in hot spots in downtown, and we’ve now expanded them to every precinct in the city.

We are going to continue to analyze crime data to get police officers out of their cars and on the beat in the places where they are most needed. In the coming year and beyond you will see implementation of the recommendations coming from our partnership with the community.


We need better transit. As our city grows, as we engage in major road projects, that need only becomes greater.

We are working to expand rail transit in seattle by planning, funding and building out high capacity transit in the corridors identified in Seattle’s Transit Master Plan. That means:

* Continue work to design Ballard line, downtown streetcar connector, Broadway street car extension, and Madison BRT line.

* In Q1 of 2013 Renew request to City Council to fund planning for Eastlake to U-District rapid streetcar, and a new transit crossing of the Ship Canal, so that Seattle can be ready for Federal funding..

* Continue acceleration of Sound Transit corridor planning, including plan for Ballard to Redmond line across 520, and a West Seattle line, and work to get the legislature to give Sound Transit the revenue authority it needs to go to the ballot in 2016.

* Because Sound Transit alone cannot meet transit demand in Seattle, work with Seattle rail advocates to enact a Seattle funding source to complete Transit Master Plan to connect our neighborhoods to each other and to our regional light rail system.


We need to do a better job providing the kind of 21st century digital infrastructure that our residents and businesses need to be globally competitive.

* Working to bring next-generation high-speed broadband infrastructure to Seattle by leveraging public resources creatively and making new partnerships in the public and private sectors.

One of those partnerships is with Gigabit Squared. We’re leasing our dark fiber to them so they have an opportunity to implement their plan to lay fiber to the home, beginning in 12 demonstration neighborhoods. Through wireless technology they plan to bring service to multifamily buildings and offices across Seattle. We will continue working with Gigabit Squared and other partners to bring better choices and better Internet service to Seattle.

“We can be that city of the future that Seattle dreams it can be. That’s why I got involved in my community. That’s why I volunteered for the Sierra Club and started a non-profit. That’s why I ran for Mayor 4 years ago, and that’s why I am running for Mayor today,” added McGinn.


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