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September 9, 2013 - 11:59 AM

McGinn for Mayor kicks off general election campaign with leaders from more than 40 neighborhoods

SEATTLE – Today Mayor Mike McGinn kicked off his general election campaign in Ballard, surrounded by leaders from more than 40 of Seattle’s neighborhoods. McGinn talked about his vision for the future, the power of neighborhood engagement and the strengths of Seattle’s progressive policies.

“This campaign is about the future of our city,” said Mayor McGinn. “It is about the power of people working together and the progressive values we have championed to build one of the greatest cities in the world. Our economy is growing at a faster pace than the region, state and country. But we have much more work to do. We are succeeding today because the people of Seattle are progressive leaders. As a growing city, we need to remember that we are only strong when our neighborhoods are engaged. That’s why I am looking forward to building on our strengths with the entire public to help our city move forward.”

Citing the leadership of Seattle residents, McGinn announced that he is convening a group of neighborhood and community leaders to review the city’s practices on neighborhood planning, neighborhood grants, and community outreach, and make recommendations for improvements. The group will make recommendations on how the city can better plan and invest in our neighborhoods in a way that builds upon the unique strengths of each neighborhoods, strengthen engagement and outreach so that all voices are heard and improve programs that provide direct granting opportunities to neighborhood groups.

“Despite Senator Murray’s 18 years in the legislature representing a core Seattle legislative district, I stand firmly with the only candidate in the race who has a clear record providing leadership and representing the unique people and diverse interests of Seattle — not just the big money and special interests of the rich and powerful. Senator Murray calls Mayor McGinn divisive and ineffective, but it is Murray who lost the Majority in the Senate and has repeatedly capitulated on Seattle’s best interests when it comes to investments in urban infrastructure like transit, tax fairness so that all pay their fair share, and the needs of local businesses to attract and retain a creative community in Seattle. By contrast, throughout his term, Mayor McGinn has been able to invest in and support unique places like Georgetown. He understands that investments in arts and culture help support local business and drive a thriving a local culture and economy. That’s why I’m supporting Mayor McGinn,” said Larry Reid, Fantagraphics Curator and Georgetown activist.

“Since the 1980′s, I have been proud to work on historic preservation and growth across Seattle’s neighborhoods. I am proud to support Mayor McGinn for his vision of Seattle, his ability to reflect our values while bringing different people and interests together to tackle some of the most challenging issues in our communities. He’s been good for our city. I don’t agree with him on everything, and I don’t have to. No one can disagree with the growth we have seen under his leadership — even during the worst recession of our time. Mayor McGinn has been a strong manager and executive for the people of Seattle. He’s shown us a successful mix of meeting the needs of our unique neighborhoods, businesses and the people,” said Michael Malone, Principal at Hunters Capital and Owner of the Sorrento Hotel.

“I stand with Mayor McGinn because he has already made changes to the status quo. Women, immigrants and refugees now have a place at the table because of Mayor McGinn’s efforts to be inclusive in his policies and practices. These policies and practices now allow us to be dynamic and vital contributors to our economy, our community and to our families. However, women and especially women of color and immigrant women still face significant barriers as we comprise the majority of service sector jobs and hold traditional roles in our families. On average we still make less than men, and, in many cultures, we still bear more of the responsibility for our families. With people living longer than ever before, gains are disproportionately burdened by the strains facing these women. Secondly, Mayor McGinn improved the Women and Minority Business Enterprise (WMBE) program by setting a new standard for prime contractors. Now they must show meaningful engagement of WMBE’s, giving more credit in the bidding process to those who reach out to women and minority businesses. In addition, our Mayor supported Paid Sick & Safe Leave for all workers, and this allows especially women and immigrants the ability not having to choose between losing a day’s pay and the health of themselves or a family member. Mayor McGinn gave renters the tools to report unsafe and unsanitary living conditions. He did a service for all renters and leveled the playing field for women and their families to do so without fear of retribution. When Mayor McGinn stood up on the importance of city property being used to support — and not undermine — family wage jobs with benefits, he was standing up for all of us. That’s why I stand with him and am so proud to introduce him to you, a great, effective and compassionate leader who cares for you and for me,” said Sutapa Basu, educator and activist for women and families.

“I have seen Mayor McGinn working to build Dr. King’s Beloved Community in which all people can share in the rich’s and prosperity of our great city. Mayor McGinn has worked across our communities and stakeholders while lifting up the voices of people of color and immigrants and the most disenfranchised among us to build reform with the police department, trust between community and police, and service to our most troubled youth and least among us on the streets of downtown and in neighborhoods of the south end. I have witnessed the Mayor’s commitment to lifting up opportunity for every young person to succeed in school and in life, and when they or their families may need it most, have the services and programs they need available to support their success. Mayor McGinn knows that different neighborhoods and different families may need different approaches, and he’s not afraid to bring people together to find the best solutions. That’s why I stand with Mayor McGinn,” said Reverend Williams, senior pastor of a major church in the Central District.

“Mayor McGinn has been an effective executive for our city. Not only has he done a good job as Mayor of managing the city’s budgets, rebuilding the rainy day fund, and preserving necessary services like police and fire but he went above and beyond in extending funding for our libraries, human services and education — and he’s done so during the worst recession in our lifetime. He’s not business as usual like the politicians in Olympia or D.C. cutting their way out of difficult budget decisions that only hurt our neighbors, our neighborhoods and the most vulnerable. When we were hurting the most with unprecedented unemployment levels, mortgage foreclosures, let alone the most regressive tax system in our country, Olympia was working to protect the state’s wealthiest corporations and special interests. When loved ones were losing their homes and their jobs and the end seemed nowhere in sight, Murray failed to restore cuts to unemployment benefits and made it more difficult to obtain benefits for some workers. At a time when it was getting more expensive for workers to live in this city, as chair of the Senate Ways & Means Committee he killed a bill in his committee that would have provided funding for more affordable housing for Seattle residents. At a time when more and more workers are now calling for wages enough to pay the bills, Murray supported a 2001 bill that would have cut the minimum wage for tipped workers in our city. Finally, when climate change is a real threat to Native American economies, our own waterfront economy, the lives and cultures of entire peoples around the globe, this mayor is standing up for all of us effectively building regional coalitions of tribal and municipal leaders against coal — unlike his opponent. I am proud to stand with Mayor McGinn because he represents all of us,” said Robby Stern, lifetime social justice and labor organizer.

“I am proud to have the support of unions, neighborhood groups, faith community leaders and organizations representing thousands of Seattle residents. I will continue to speak with all Seattle residents and businesses about how they can be engaged in building a stronger, more equitable city for their children,” said McGinn.

September 3, 2013 - 12:29 PM

McGinn for Mayor campaign honored to receive endorsement by SEIU Local 925 and SEIU Local 6

SEATTLE – The McGinn for Mayor campaign is honored today to have received the endorsement of SEIU Local 925 and SEIU Local 6.

SEIU Local 925 unites 18,000 members across the state who work in education from early learning through higher education as well as members who work in local government and non profits.

This latest endorsement by a union representing working people in Seattle is a sign of growing momentum for Mayor McGinn as the candidate with the strongest record of fighting for living wage jobs and benefits in Seattle.

“I am honored to have earned the endorsement of those fighting for living wage jobs and benefits in our city,” said Mayor McGinn. “I am committed to continuing to fight for better working conditions and jobs for all Seattle residents. We are not going to compete in the global economy by racing to the bottom and setting policies that allow big business to scoop up as much profit as possible at the expense of everyday workers.”


August 26, 2013 - 3:59 PM

McGinn for Mayor campaign off to the races

SEATTLE – In the first days of the General Election, the McGinn for Mayor campaign has already confirmed Mayor McGinn’s attendance at 28 debates, community events and forums. These events include the mayor’s confirmed participation in two televised debates – KCTS and KING.

“This race is about the future of our city,” said McGinn. “That’s why I am looking forward to having a conversation with Seattle residents in all of our neighborhoods about how we build an even greater city together.”

A list of confirmed events where Mayor McGinn and his opponent were both invited to participate are as follows:

American Cancer Network Forum
Haller Lake Community Meet and Greet
GSBA General Election Luncheon
Seattle Hotel Association
West Seattle Senior Center
Seattle Human Services Coalition Candidates Forum
National Association of Industrial and Office Properties
Association of Retired City Employees
Ballard/Magnolia Community Forum
Plymouth Congregational Church
Parks Foundation Forum
League of Women Voters Forum
Housing Development Consortium Forum
Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce Forum
Leschi/Mt. Baker Community Clubs
Rainier Valley Chamber of Commerce Forum
Seattle Foundation Mayoral Debate
West Precinct Advisory Council
KING 5 debate
Seattle Management Association
Magnolia Community Club Forum
NW Asian Weekly Forum
MEDC/Defenders Association/Real Change/ACRS forum
Grandmothers Against Gun Violence
CityClub General Election debate
KCTS Mayor’s Debate
Downtown Seattle Rotary Club
U-District Rotary Club

August 2, 2013 - 7:01 PM

Coffee hour tour this weekend

Still undecided in the mayor’s race? We’ll be at the following coffee shops this weekend and Mayor Mike McGinn will answer any questions you have. These will be informal chats – stop by when he’s in your neighborhood!

Saturday (August 3rd)
12:00 p.m. – Judkins Street Café (2608 South Judkins Street)
3:00 p.m. – C&P Coffee Company (5612 California Avenue SW)
6:30 p.m. – Espresso Vivace Alley 24 (227 Yale Avenue North)

Sunday (August 4th)
1:30 p.m. – Columbia City Bakery (4865 Rainier Avenue South)
3:00 p.m. – Tougo Coffee Company (1410 18th Avenue)
6:30 p.m. – Bedlam Coffee (2231 2nd Avenue)

April 18, 2013 - 10:36 PM

“Like Mike” Facebook drive continues

We’re making progress toward our goal of 3000 likes, but we need to keep pushing. Two more reasons to Like Mike are below.

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